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Meet the First FDA-Cleared CBT Digital Therapeutic for IBS

IBS-trained therapists are hard to find. That’s why we developed the first prescription-only, FDA-cleared digital therapeutic that delivers gut directed cognitive behavioral therapy for IBS. Over 60% of patients treated with Mahana IBS in a clinical trial reported a clinically meaningful improvement in IBS symptom severity and saw durable effects for up to a year after their 90-day use.

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FDA-Cleared, Clinically Validated and No Known Side Effects

The efficacy and safety of Mahana IBS was demonstrated in the  ACTIB trial of 558 adult patients with refractory IBS. Mahana helped nearly 2 in 3 people in a clinical trial.1,2

  • Mahana IBS was cleared as a class II device by the FDA3
  • CBT allows patients to influence brain-gut communication in order to reduce the severity of IBS symptoms
  • Patients showed clinically and statistically significant improvements in IBS-SSS and WSAS with Mahana IBS added to TAU vs TAU alone
  • 63% of patients reported a clinically meaningful reduction in the severity of their IBS at the end of treatment with durable effects seen up to 1 year after the 90-day use.

Clinically Significant and Durable Effectiveness

Give patients the first FDA-cleared digital therapy shown in clinical trials to reduce symptom severity.

Mahana + TAU vs TAU graphMahana + TAU vs TAU graph

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What is CBT and How Does it Help IBS?

Mahana’s cognitive behavioral therapy is gut-directed psychotherapy (GDP) that improves IBS symptom severity by targeting the cognitive factors known to drive symptoms. CBT is the most rigorously tested psychological treatment for IBS.

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CBT is a safe, effective solution that works for all types of IBS (D, C & M).

Mahana enables you to empower all IBS patients with a treatment that has no known side effects.

The gut-brain axis is a contributing component to IBS symptomatology.

The gut-brain axis is a bidirectional communication system that links intestinal functions with the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain.

Be on the leading-edge with providers who understand the importance of using innovative tools to improve patient outcomes, like FDA-cleared digital therapeutics.

We Make Explaining Mahana IBS Easy

Explaining to patients the benefits of using Mahana IBS is fast and simple.

Our Patient FAQ sheet helps explain the brain-gut connection and allows patients to learn about the benefits of gut-directed CBT using Mahana IBS.

Mahana Care is also available for your patients to provide added encouragement, support and address your patients questions related to their use of Mahana IBS.

CBT Model

Mahana IBS' gut directed CBT model helps patients develop skills in 10 key areas over the course of their 90-day prescription to reduce severity of symptoms.

Relaxation; manage emotions; reduce unhelpful thoughts; improve eating patterns; reduce stress

Digital Health Tool Adoption Rate is Growing

Patients have more information at their fingertips than ever before. That’s why it’s imperative for physicians to anticipate and understand consumer health trends.

Mahana IBS is the first and only FDA cleared digital IBS treatment. With Mahana IBS, physicians can be confident they are prescribing an efficacious and safe digital health treatment

In 2021, the number of people using digital therapeutics is expected to reach 44 million worldwide. Almost double the number of users in 2020.4

Mahana IBS Advisors

We're working with leaders in gastroenterology to ensure patient and provider have the tools they need for IBS treatment.

Hazel Everitt, PhD, FRCGP

Hazel Everitt, Ph.D, FRCGP

University of Southampton, GP & Professor of Primary Care Research

Emeran Mayer, M.D.

Emeran Mayer, M.D.

Director, G. Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience (CNSR)

Jasmine Zia, M.D.

Jasmine Zia, M.D.

Swedish Medical Center, Gastroenterologist

Rona Moss-Morris, Ph.D

Rona Moss-Morris, Ph.D

King's College London, Head of Psychology Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

Mahana IBS provides a personalized, clinically validated and FDA-cleared treatment that is available for your patients to use anytime, anywhere.

Good therapists with gut directed CBT expertise are hard to find, and IBS case workloads can take up significant clinical time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Mahana IBS?
  1. Mahana Therapeutics & ACTIB Trial, data on file. *clinically meaningful improvement defined as a > 50 point change in IBS-SSS from baseline
  2. Everitt HA et al. Gut. 2019 Sep;68(9):1613-1623.
  3. Food and Drug Administration. Device Classification Under Section 513(f)(2)(De Novo). 2020.