We develop digital programs to help people live well with chronic health conditions.

Our first treatment, Mahana™ IBS, is now available as an FDA-cleared digital therapeutic. See how it works and find some real relief for your IBS.

Mahana Tinnitus is now available as a self-guided digital wellness program. See how it works and live well on your own terms.

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A Whole New Approach

Our digital programs are designed to provide physical and psychological support and are clinically tested to help people living with chronic conditions feel better.

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Our Programs

Working with expert clinicians, designers, and engineers, we have built self-guided digital programs that are empowering, personalized, and effective.

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By Patients for Patients

Our own patient journeys have inspired our programs. And we're continually collaborating with, and seeking input from people living with chronic conditions.

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Clinically Tested

We're committed to testing our programs in rigorous clinical trials to demonstrate they provide meaningful benefit for patients.

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Private + Secure

Our programs are built with data security at the core. We have rigorous guidelines to keep your data and information protected.

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Regulatory Clearance

As we test our programs, we may seek regulatory clearance from the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

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Provider Recommended or Prescribed

We seek to strengthen the patient-provider relationship with access to our programs by provider recommendation or prescription.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

More than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic health conditions that can be treated or managed with cognitive or behavioral therapy. Mahana creates clinically tested programs for these people.

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