Get relief from tinnitus symptoms and live life on your terms

There’s a new way to manage tinnitus — and it’s on your smartphone. Mahana Tinnitus is an evidence-based digital program that is self guided and easy to use. It’s available exclusively through tinnitus specialists and hearing care providers.

  • Evidence-based & clinically studied
  • Self-guided digital program
  • 10 minutes a day

Don't let tinnitus hold you back

While there’s no cure for tinnitus, Mahana Tinnitus may reduce its impact on your daily life for the long term and provide you with relief. Learn more about our tinnitus management program in this short video.

Do you think you may have tinnitus?

Download this questionnaire and take it to a hearing care provider to discuss symptoms and tinnitus management options.

The Mahana Difference

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Evidence-based techniques

Practice building skills to shift your attention away from tinnitus.

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Cognitive behavioral science

Explore how life events, thoughts, and actions influence tinnitus — and make helpful changes.

Complementary care

Use our program alongside tinnitus masking devices, hearing aids, and other tinnitus care plans.

Stories of success and hope

People using Mahana Tinnitus have some inspiring things to say about how the program has helped them.

“This has really helped me to focus less on my tinnitus. I feel more in control now and less bothered by it.”

“’s really making a difference. I am going to sleep without being annoyed at myself.”

“After suffering for almost a year, Mahana Tinnitus provided me with tools to help contain my tinnitus. I now have several tools that can help me get through the day!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Mahana Tinnitus?

Mahana Tinnitus User information Sheet

Mahana Tinnitus is an evidence-based digital program that may help people live well with their tinnitus. Mahana Tinnitus has not been evaluated by the FDA.