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Mahana IBS is a new app that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce IBS symptom severity - in 10 minutes a day!

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Proven to be powerful

See real, lasting results. Our program was created by experts, validated by clinical trials, and cleared by the FDA.

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Short daily lessons

Complete the program at your own pace. Our 10-minute lessons work with the busiest schedules.

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A safe digital treatment

Mahana IBS has no known side effects. Our app uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you improve your IBS.

Creating a healthier brain-gut connection

Learn about our research-backed approach in this short video with Dr. Emeran Mayer.

Real people, real improvements

Customer Testimonial


Diagnosed 6 years ago

"This program has been really great because it's shown me how our brain and our gut are connected."

Customer Testimonial


Diagnosed 3 years ago

"Week by week, I saw how much of a difference that Mahana made in my overall symptoms. It's just really freeing."

Customer Testimonial


Diagnosed 27 years ago

"It's not a cure-all. It's not a magic pill. But Mahana is the first thing that's had a significant impact on me."

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